Memory Tips to Remember Names during the Festive Season

Date: December 2018

Author: Dr. Judy Tang

With so many festive events for both work and personal – it can be a challenge to remember new names as well as old acquaintances and the 3rd cousins or aunts you haven’t seen for years!

Our neuropsychology team has put together some clever ways to help you remember and recall names and faces, so you’ll socialise like a pro!

1. Repetition:
This involves repeating the person’s name, so it sticks in your memory.

  • A way of doing this is by repeating their name back to them after they have told it to you. For example, the person says, “Hi my name is Joe, what’s your name?”, after this you would say “Hi Joe, my name is Jennifer”.

  • Then try and repeat that person’s name again during the conversation, for example, “So Joe, what are your thoughts on this Christmas punch? I think it’s delicious!”.

  • When you are finishing the conversation, use their name again, for example, “It was great to meet you Joe, I might see you later”.

2. Association:
This involves relating something to that person’s name, so you can think of that something and recall their name easily.

  • One form of association would likely be if you had a sibling or family member or pet with the same name. You would then associate the person you have just met, with your family member.
  • Another form of association can be by relating their name to something you have learned about them. For example, if you have found out that Joe likes red tinsel, you can say to yourself, “Joe, he likes red tinsel. Joe has red tinsel around his neck. Then later on when you see Joe, you can think of the colour red or red tinsel and this will prompt the name ‘Joe’ to come to mind.

3. Sounds, try relating names through rhymes:
For example, ‘Joe needs to grow’. For example, young Joe is quite small and his name rhymes with grow. This type of association s might be a good way to train your mind to remember names.

4. Concentrate:
Socialising effectively needs concentration. If you are not focusing from the start when the introductions begin, you will likely find that after a short period of time, you have already forgotten their name.

  • In this situation, you could ask them to repeat their name. for example, “I’m sorry, I missed your name. Could please tell me your name again?" After this, you would use repetition and association tricks to keep that name in your memory.

5. Relax:

No one’s perfect, it’s OK to not immediately remember everyone’s names, you might be meeting a lot of new people. You are allowed to ask a person what their name is again, and this could help you with consolidation by hearing them say their name again.

  • Additionally, if you forgot to use a memory trick, this would allow you to have another opportunity to try it.

We hope these memory tricks help you during the festive season and beyond! Try these at your next social or networking event, we hope these give you a new sense of confidence and ability.

Best from the Jurmaine Health Team.