Victorian Olympic weightlifter overcomes injury to make incredible comeback for 2018 Commonwealth Games

Date: Oct 2, 2018 4:45:16 PM

Author: Natalie Potter

Media Release
For immediate release April 2018

Victorian Olympic weightlifter overcomes injury to make incredible comeback for 2018 Commonwealth Games Olympic weightlifter Seen Lee was ready to retire, then she found Singapore national taekwondo team member Dr Shermain Wong at Jurmaine Health Neuropsychology and Chiropractic clinic in Preston, Victoria.

It was late 2016, after competing in Glasgow and London Olympics in weightlifting, Seen Lee's body was breaking down.

"I had several injuries and have had sports medicine puzzled about it. Retirement seemed about the only option left until I bumped into a colleague on the train who mentioned that there was an unknown little place in Preston that was getting results for people and I thought that I had nothing to lose, so why not?” Lee said.

Jurmaine Health is a brain and body improvement clinic located in Preston. The clinic offers neuropsychology and neuro-musculoskeletal services, and was founded by Dr Shermain Wong, a former Singapore national taekwondo team member, who works frequently with both athletes and general population alike.

Dr Wong has a special interest in the brain and body combined with neuropsychology and neuro-musculoskeletal services, and has helped many athletes like Seen Lee recover from seemingly insurmountable injuries.

Dr Wong likes a challenge and works with clients with the whole body in mind. Trained originally as a chiropractor, she is an expert in ART (Active Release Therapy), a soft tissue technique and movement rehabilitation. Dr Wong often works at international sporting competitions and with professional dancers, football players and athletes including weightlifters.

"I had no idea who Seen Lee was, and just thought that she was extremely keen, like a weightlifting fan. And I'm known to be straight-forward, so I dived right in and told her what was going wrong and needed fixing," Dr Wong said.

Seen Lee didn't mind the directness.

"Within a short time, I recovered and got stronger but had to change a lot of my thinking about my own physical preparation and rehabilitation and learning them again, almost from scratch,” Lee said.

"I had improved so much that there were rumours about me taking steroids because of the recovery!"

"I'm looking forward to the Commonwealth Games, I think I still have plenty more to show,” Lee said.


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